In our day to day lives, we are apt to forget a thing should be "just as it is", the original expression of the object itself, the impression of the people we encountered, the personal feeling towards a unique experience or most importantly the first motive of what we have been doing. Here, we take a humble approach to bring out the original character of ingredients to remind the guests the taste of "just as it is" in a soothing ambience.

The renowned Michelin Starred French restaurant from Tokyo à nu retrouvez-vous together with Tokyo's famous patisserie été has now opened in Hong Kong. Set in the panoramic location at Ocean Terminal extension in Harbour City.

We combine the most exceptional and most selective Japanese seasonal ingredients that have been delivered on every single day in extremely intimate quantities. So, our menu and dishes are subject to change according to the seasonality of the ingredients.



Our space is designed for your comfort.


To respect the traditional Japanese aesthetic, we focus on every small detail of the interior to express the "Wabi-Sabi"(侘び寂び) theme, emphasising the refined ambiance, the precisely detailed décor, and comfortable surroundings through the careful selection of forms and materials. And the amazing engineering makes the 270-degree view of Victoria Harbor visible to most seats.

We partnered with Japanese design artist Shimoo employing heavy natural elements and organic colours to create a calm and serene dining environment. He speciallises in "floating" (浮様) design, a unique finishing technique to produce our plates and our custom-made dining tables using natural wood.

Paying tribute to another Japanese artist, Takahide Komatsu (小松孝英) with his acute observation and emotional expression of nature in paintings, we exhibit some of his masterpieces interiorly.

à nu offers more than just a gastronomic delight, the location, decor, and landscape combine to deliver a truly relaxing and enriching dining experience to you. With a sea view private dining room that accommodate 6 to 7 guests, 2 semi-private rooms that seat up to 5 guests for each, 1 private room for 4 guests and a dining area that seats up to 18 guests. à nu is the perfect venue for intimate dinners and private parties.